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  1. Every time I have to reset priorities. This is very annoying. Could you fix it?
  2. No. I didn't launch my rockets beyond 50 000 km radius.
  3. From Wikipedia: Solid CO2 can not be stored in a Storage Compactor and has no further use - so at the current state of game it can not be moved. It's the problem now. I can't extract solid CO2 from Conveyor Receptacle as well as solid oxygen.
  4. Old bug, since the Rocketry Upgrade. I can't extract solid oxygen from Conveyor Receptacle.
  5. I don't choose anything to analyze, but my scientist still using a telescope. I have to disable the telescope to avoid this bug. Everytime I reenable the telescope my scientist's pretending he's working. Lazy bastard.
  6. When I destroyed my rocket and rebuild it once again the rocket disappeared from the list. I have to restart the game to have a chance choose my rocket. P. S. Sorry for my English, I hope I'm making myself clear.