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  1. A Duplicanr got stuck mid-air after digging out a tile that she then d to stand on.
  2. Occasionally, the liquid pipe thermo sensor doesn't activate appropriately until I click on it, then it resumes normal function. Uncertain if switching planets causes it. Error isn't incredibly consistent. The sensor is to activate if liquid is above -20C. Running Petroleum through insolated pipes.
  3. Loading into my save, a rocket on the planet at the end of the teleporter spawned in on my starting planet in the bottom left corner, entimbed and out of explored vision.
  4. If Rover runs out of power, deconstructing a tile under it causes it to become operational again.
  5. The item on the top left display in the weapon shop doesn't allow for purchase. Putting cursor over the item doesn't show pricing/buy option. (My cursor is over the Cutlass Supreme)
  6. After the first Aporkalypse, same has happened for me. Visually, the issue seems to have something to do with the clock hands sticking to the right forever.
  7. I have inconsistent same problem. Sometimes they despawn sometimes they stay once aporkalypse ends.
  8. Same thing happening on my game, but I thought it'd be relevant to note that the drying functionality works properly. (Only increases drying rate when turned on.)
  9. A large quantity of Rabid Beetles can push each other into water. The pushed beetle walks on the water and is incapable of returning to land.
  10. Seen the same issue, though it can be any color for me. I'd say it doesn't give me a bird about a fourth of the sprung traps.
  11. Taking damage while wearing Mant Suit doesn't display loss in durability. It will eventually still break and will show the actual durability when unequipped.
  12. When attempting to enter an open doorway in the ruins, it claims it is locked. The lock prevents entrance to the starting island from the palace island. I think the cause is that the other side room has pressure plates that lock the door. The door was locked when last in the ruins, but when I traveled via BFB I was reconnected to the palace island and traveled the opposite way. I assume it still counts the door locked from the other side which is now impossible to access.