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  1. The raw materials for explosives are extremely limited, and the use of explosives is too harsh.
  2. I dialed the turntable in about forty days, but then the turntable was stuck in this position. It was still the same when I went 60 days, and the aporkalypse still appeared. This bug has too much impact on the fun of the game, and I hope to fix it soon.
  3. Is it worth it to play on my save anymore?

    I also don't want to give up my archive, but it seems that I have to make a choice. Otherwise it will fall into an endless battle.
  4. Why can a herald spawn EVERYWHERE

    After the update, on the 60th day, the fifth island (reaching through a temple in the poison zone) has a new temple with a large turntable in the hidden room. It will get stuck during the destruction season, and you can enjoy peace by gently moving it forwards. If you don't do this, the destruction season won't end.
  5. When I entered the temple leading to the island where the serpent was present, I found a room with a statue called "blue sow", but the statue was clearly outside the room, although it could be seen but could not be touched. I don't know if the map was generated incorrectly or I didn't find the right way.
  6. Cave Cleft Bug

    The superiority of the cave base is quite obvious. In the new version, the growth mechanism of nettle is very demanding. In order to better harvest nettle, finding a cave in the jungle near the water source can be used to take care of nettle vine. This is the case with my base. At present, my life is very comfortable, and the big bird can't land in the jungle.
  7. When I picked up three Mandela grasses on the ground in Pig Island, I clicked on them and they disappeared completely. So I forced to quit, and when I entered again, I found the blank space where Mandela grass originally in the backpack. I suspect that they are only virtual displays when I pick up, but they don't exist at all.
  8. When the torch is held within the working range of the sprinkler, the durability of the torch will remain the same value. Switching the scene will not restore this error even after entering the mine or temple.
  9. Maybe we need to build an energy tower to spend the winter? Anyway, this tree diagram is very logical。
  10. I found a tall bird's lair when I arrived at the fourth island in a new archive and was excited to think it was an official update but found it was randomly generated. However, the presence of the nest makes the fourth islands more abundant, and the TallBird eggs are also available. I recommend adding the forced build of the TallBrids lair in the next update, which can improve a lot of playability.
  11. Missing Name Shack

    In short, after we have a real estate license, the name should always be changed. After all, no one will leave a blank in the real estate license signature column.
  12. I used to change the game days to 500 days, and then the number of bats has made my computer unloadable. They are crowded with my entire screen. I think the they makes it impossible to proceed in the later stages of the game.