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  1. [Game Update] - 347957

    They fixed the white flash in the gas range duplicant animations
  2. Chef refuses to cook omelettes

    I've just had this twice with meat: picks up ~2300mcg of meat from fridge, delivers to grill and repeat ad nauseum, never getting around to cooking. Save, quit, reload: works normally again.
  3. [Game Update] - 300458

    It be an incremental fix update, not an Update update
  4. [Game Update] - 29998

    The first shinebug egg I sent there cracked fine, but now they're stuck in it. Saved and reloaded, deleted the cracker and rebuilt, set priority to 9, nothing works. Other eggs in the queue, but they won't get cracked either.
  5. Oh, I was sure I had changed from one material to another with the same type of pipe (insulated). Maybe I'm misremembering. If we never could, I would love it if they changed that! (Same with everything else that doesn't let us change material like that... ladders in particular).
  6. I reckon we used to be able to replace farm tiles with normal tiles.. can't do that anymore, either.
  7. Can't seem to build over existing insulated pipes with a different substance anymore (eg: change sandstone to igneous)
  8. Save File Editor

    Thank you for this tool. The random dupe choice of this game gives me rage tremors and chronic save scumminitis. Prior to discovering this, I would spend half an hour generating my starting three dupes each map, but now I use this as a points based dupe creator: I give myself 15 points to spend on stats (not sure what the max is from the normal random generator is, but I've seen some pretty big totals). It'd be awesome to see someone use this to make a specialist dupe creation tool: assigning values to traits and anti-traits and giving you a certain point pool to spend creating dupes.