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  1. Do you happen to have pikos near by? Pikos during a full moon will go aggressive (also their passive is taking items out of inventories) and attack guard sometimes, leading to their weapons being taken out and stolen. That is one cause, but it could be some bug with like you said, day night transitions with bats or something.
  2. I was able to somehow replicate it again. I'm sending the bug report from the main menu from hamlet interiors.
  3. I don't have that save file anymore since I took my world from the non interiors beta and replaced it in the beta, but if I am able to replicate the crashing I will do what you suggested.
  4. I have a shipwrecked world combined with a hamlet world. I transferred over to the shipwrecked world I had around day 400 on a dry season. After about 8 days there was no sign of a volcano eruption so I decided to go and visit the volcano and speed up the timer at the altar. Upon trying to enter the volcano it just crashed my game. I had mods but I turned them all off and tried again. Still crashed. I'm on a crashing loop now as the save file is listed as Volcano so there is no going back in my save . Not sure if this log could help, but I'll put it here anyways. log.txt
  5. Thank goodness for the shift click items disappearing Trying to make crock pot recipes then having nothing there after shift clicking everything was worrisome sometimes >> Then finding out they appeared in a different crock pot