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  1. Was a little confused when I noticed the Barracks description changed to specify a "single bed"- but it still works the same as it always has! Either it's bugged and supposed to only work with 1 bed, or the description needs fixing.
  2. So, throughout my game I've occasionally been having dupes get past "vacancy only" checkpoints which are full of exosuits, doing whatever they went there to do and then idling there starving, asphyxiating, etc. to death because they won't go back past the checkpoint (which is full). Note that this isn't the same as the bug report where dupes get past a checkpoint without a suit- I haven't noticed anything like that except in a case where they path around the checkpoint using ladders and transit tubes, so if you see that in the attached save you can rest assured it's (probably) not a bug Space.sav