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  1. If you attack it, once it use the tornado attack, you get stuck inside him, but not threw back to the game, needed to relog to be able to play again. Prob, keep F pressed when sealnadoo use the tornado attack.
  2. Game Crash

    Playing Wheeler on Shipwrecked, not sure what happened, but in monsoon, i was digging saplings, then dodging for walking fast, near a pool with the poison bee flying nearby ( not agro ), game just crashed without error / nor warning, it closed. Tried to play again hamlet, but still too bugged.
  3. Started new Shipwrecked world / Hamlet compatible, monsoon season does not flood / rain once... It happened way before, but it still bugged.
  4. Large World: I got no or very small Rocky biome Medium World: I got normal biomes obs: i disabled all client mods, and it seems working okay.
  5. Goose Moose doesnt take damage

    Set Lag Compensation to None. I got this bug too, any Boss ends missing a lot of hits. I didnt notice before RoT if this happened. Obs: I was playing mode online on a Local private server game ( not dedicated or open )
  6. Chester stuck

    if you try to open chester while someone is walking with eyebone, you get stuck in openning animation, unable to move / release until he stops walking.
  7. Infinite Pig Fiesta bug

    I died during aporkalipse, ressurect by meat efigy, it is now infinite fiesta
  8. Double post forum

    disregard this post, it was duplicated.
  9. If click twice submit in the forum, it duplicates the post.
  10. No ashes

    Inside shanty, if I burn something ( logs in this case ), swap to another room then come back, no logs no ashes, burning logs disapear.
  11. Dropping a glowfly inside ruins, where room has a ground spike trap that activates once stepped, makes the game crash.
  12. it would be better if no nighthands indoors, because you cant get ride of it anyway...
  13. It´s a known bug since 2016, where you got stuck forever in tornado and unable to move. 70% wet football and woodmail, I was headon attacking and tanking damage, probably weapon sliped from hand when sealnadoo used the typhoon attack, got stuck, lost weapon, dead...
  14. Entering volcano is banned by game

    I have been playing a lot shipwrecked standalone and hamlet compatible, maybe i went 5 times to volcano in differents worlds (default and large), never ocurred this bug....
  15. Wobster(Shipwrecked)

    i could not put a raw and cooked in crockpot in a Hamlet compatible save... not sure if it was dead