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  1. i thought it'd just be a fun idea to think about i don't really expect them to take my idea
  2. I was told to post my idea here but I was thinking of a fun idea of how Webber could be reworked and it pretty much involves big inspiration from the Pikmin series. I drew some quick pictures to help explain or visualize my ideas because I'm not very good at being articulate. Spider Backpack I honestly don't expect this to be a reality but I put it in because it was one of the first ideas I brainstormed for the idea but you get the point of it yeah? Spawns spiders you can befriend. Propagating Spiders Similar to bringing dead enemies to the Onion in Pikmin, offering food items to a Spider Den (that probably has to be crafted by you) would propagate more spiders. Spiders also are able to evolve over time if in your "party" long enough Webber Crafting Tab War paints: Craftable paint that can be used to give spiders different traits such as higher attack or faster walk speed and lets them evolve differently from each other. Whistle: A whistle similar to the one from the Year of the Varg event that calls all nearby allied spiders to your side which can be used to deal with deadly situations where all your spiders could die or resetting their aggro. Assigning Tasks for each Spider Here's the fun part, If you have a large group of spiders you can assign tasks to each one or a small group to do various jobs such as attacking and killing one enemy, carrying a mysterious marble and mining or cutting down trees (I'm unsure of how this would work or be allowed). And that was my idea! Feel free to expand upon, rethink and/or discuss it.
  3. I'm a bit skeptical about this update but maybe it'll be better in execution
  4. I don't mean to sound negative or seem like I'm knocking DST down a peg but does anyone feel like that all the new stuff is starting to make the game feel a bit bloated?
  5. I play on the Steam version of Don't Starve and came across 2 crashes in the game The steps to recreating the Bramble Husk crash is: -Befriend a Wildbore -Get hit by an enemy while wearing the Bramble Husk with the Wildbore nearby Initially I thought this was because of the mod I created that modified the Bramble Husk a bit but after disabling it looks like It's the game itself having this issue. Steps to recreating the Blunderbuss crash is: -Play with a controller -Equip a loaded Blunderbuss -Force the attack animation with the attack button then get this error: How I got this crash was when I was in the ruins in RoG and I shot a Splumonkey that was chasing me but it got out of my attack range and fired at nothing. It makes me wonder if this happens on the console versions of Hamlet.
  6. damn i forgot about that looks like i really will be waiting 3000 years
  7. me ordering stuff from klei while also living in the middle of nowhere feels like this also if i had waited like a few days the stores would've been restocked and i would have gotten my mandrake for cheaper lolololololololol
  8. would you guys say that the recent update was a... ... 'froggers' moment?
  9. i'll let you figure out what's wrong with him on your own
  10. i am very late but i am surprised to be included here at all thank you though lol
  11. i'm sorry... i won't do anything like it again! i promise!