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  1. I started a fight to antlion when the weather it's cloudy.I thought the battle will be interrupted by his escape because it's going to rain soon,and I post this here.
  2. Like the titles,they'll return to normal in the moment of players mounts on: The beefalo with war saddle on it is a ornery one, and the other one with a glossamer saddle is pudgy,watch out their faces when I ride and when I don't.
  3. I couldn't reproduce the problem anywhere else, not sure if it was my own fault
  4. The server could started normally, but there was an error when lauching up, I'll post the logs below later.And then join into the server world,NO CHARACTERS and HUD are on display and server crashed.
  5. Also,when players riding on a formal wearings' beefalo,their hands looks creepy.
  6. Pearl_Crabking decoration will only droped at a server world,but not in the client world,even both of them were inlaid with three or more opalpreciousgems.
  7. Just like this,sails are turning around theirselves and last time it cause me rush into a rock jaw's mouth.
  8. Drop your fog overhead nearby fridge with food in it,foods in there will rotten V.fast,but it will not work when chest or scaled chest are closed.
  9. Using only one moonrock to repair a completely broken moonstone,then destroying it with un-player factors(Like bosses,gunpowder),it'll get 1/3 chance to drop two moonrocks.
  10. Cast this spell when dragonfly is leaving,she'll "turn back" and become a mark,she will not respond to any attack
  11. I'm a pure Webber main and live alone,so I want defeat him alone with NO BUGS way to do it,I hope they can correct it soon.So many of my "friends" mocking my normal way with this >_<
  12. As the picture shows,Ancient Fuelweaver could be easy to kill,thought skip second phase and had a nice meeting with Charlie. He is like a target, and when there is no hatred for the life within the gateway, he just wants to go back and pull the key, and doesn't even bother to activate his skills until he dies.Sometimes just squeeze him into bone spurs and you're done (also worked for Toadstool).I guess this is no exception, since it was considered a Bug to avoid his boneshell nearby edge.Cause it skip all his abilities when AF's HP less than 10000. Here's our advice:Whether or not there are things near the gateway,whatever the situation is now,activate his phase 2 immediately when his HP is below 10000. The image down there is from Youtube.
  13. It costs a lot of armor and food, but I prefer to try and find other, normal, low-spend ways,If there's no more,I'll play this way. I changed the font of my game,so that's what look's like now. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=678340265 I'll try to find other methods if this gonna be official release,or.................... ╮(╯_╰)╭