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  1. Thanks for this one I was wondering how to obtain it
  2. Will you do the same with the winter feast lamp? Its a question
  3. Ok I will not said nothing about anything I give up you will never understand that the drop realeased one week ago and you didn't realized It's ok maybe will be in klei rewards if is a glitch how I said talk to Klei support stop going here in the forums and make a hole disaster, just stop going here and start writing things that they didn't advise you was only a typical human error calm down this will be a leasson remember only one week no one more day or one less day only 7 days to collect the drops only one week ok? calm down please.
  4. C'mmon really? I admmit that sometimes the devs doesn't update the info daily that why we have this: It is like saying that I must necessarily see that they announced it when I already know that every week they take a new drop and that it is not one day less or one more day, you as an adult should know it, nobody is perfect and nobody should tell you what to do if in Seriously, do you want to make sure that there is already a new drop? Go to that page, is it so hard for you to do that? and how I always said is to clear things up not to make you angry and also maybe klei will put that drops in klei rewards stop saying that of the devs nobody is perfect is their job yes but they have to many things in the head to remember somethings that are already announced if it is a glitch conntact someone of Klei via support maybe there can help you after all they created one of your (maybe) favorite game
  5. Wow Stop right there buddy the eyebrella skin realesed one week ago if you want to see the current twitch drops go to To see the current drops that skin was already realesed buuut not announced so please be more attentive to the next before criticizing this isn't something to make you feel angry It is just to clear things up
  6. I would really like that Klei give to the og something special but man this is really cool Btw: my friend got an alchemy pod I wish I could have it
  7. Klei and what will happend for those that have the lantern skin already?
  8. We have now 2 skins for the alchemy engine everyone and its free is happening!!!