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  1. Ahh ... that explains why we think it happened with the Halloween update. I tried messing around with my controller, and eureka!, I was able to push on the stick and lock on targets. We've come to the conclusion that my husband has the "problem" and I don't, because he has a heavier hand on the sticks ... and his controller is old and may very well need to be replaced. Thanks for looking into this and adding a fix. I think we'll be ok going forward.
  2. Sorry I'm late getting back here. Thank you for your response. Obviously, the left stick is used to move throughout the game, and we can't see how pressing it in any manner turns on/off locking (we've tried - is it a "visible" option?). He can be walking somewhere, attempt to pick a carrot, and he cannot do so because he is locked on a flower he passed by a full screen ago. It seems odd this only began happening with the Halloween update. We switched controllers, but he still has the same problem. We've been playing together for over a year now, and the biggest problem for me is that this results in some colorful language coming from his side of the room.
  3. My husband is consistently having his character "lock" on items he hasn't clicked on. His only option is to press the circle button to "Unlock Target" (an actual option his controller gives him). This began happening after the Halloween update and makes playing the game difficult. I don't have this problem on my side of the screen (happened to me once or twice and then never again). He's tried playing with multiple characters (thinking it was exclusive to Maxwell), but the problem persists.