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  1. Easy there... there’s still no cloud saves. Laziness at its finest.
  2. If there is a liquid moving through a hydroponic farm tile on save and reload. The game creates half of the pipes contents in bottles above the farm tile while the pipe still remains full. Specific to my issue: I'm growing mealwood in the farm plots (that don't require liquid). Auto harvest disabled. I'm using water. Using normal liquid pipes with insulated pipes before and after the row of farm tiles (for cooling).
  3. Yea, that's great and all guys, but still no cloud saves
  4. Does anyone have examples of using transformers and batteries as valves on the "large side"?
  5. Enabled preview branch, crash on boot. Deleted all save files and removed mods folder, crash on boot. Uninstalled, re-installed. still crashes. EDIT: SOLVED!, i had to delete the mods folder in the game data folder as the seed browser is no longer a valid mod.
  6. Simply not Simply not true. Cloud saves are WELL documented. I mean so well documented that a TODDLER can implement them. Cloud saves are also non-blocking. They won't impeded anything in game if it takes too long to upload as it's handled on the back end asynchronously. It's simply laziness because the devs probably cater to more than just steam users and this is a steam only feature. I requested this feature long before the rocketry upgrade and offered to buy 10 copies for friends and family once it was implemented. That won't be the case anymore
  7. The problem happens when the "pipe empty" message appears on the ore scrubber despite being full of Cl. You can fix by deconstructing and rebuilding.
  8. Clothing that has been assigned to a dupe from storage still displays the item in storage indefinitely. To fix it, you have to uncheck the item and let it "drop" and the item will disappear.