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  1. well maybe, but just a exemple, i can literaly make infinites Exosuit just to get oxygen from metals and forbiven them lol and this make it a exploit that u can use to survive if you have vulcano / metals from space. (and you can delete them with airlock system)
  2. First sorry for my english is not my language and second i don't test in the new upgrade preview "quality change mk1". The thing is when you make a Exosuit it literal comes with free 70kg of oxygen (like free 2-3cycle of oxygen for one dup) for just raw materials to make it! and not comsume oxygen in the room that as made (if you make in vacum it will make with 70kg oxygen. wtf??) i think this need be fixed becaus you can "trasmute" raw materials in oxygen recycling exosuits and i think this is the same thing with Jet pack( i don't have unlocked yet and probaly you can get "free" combustive?) is a good exploit in the game i know is a single player but even i don't like cheat and that stuff some times when i make mistake in games my way to normalize is using some exploits that i know and i think outher do too. so if can fix in the next patch i will be glad