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  1. Excited for the future of modding for this game. User generated assemblies, assets, and config files kept Kerbal Space Program & Darkest Dungeon (other Unity games) alive for me for so many years. I do wonder what the community at large will prefer: GitHub (through a CKAN client), Nexusmods (or other third party hosting), or just the Steam Workshop.
  2. [Game Update] - 296878

    Azunai333 already filed the bug report - attached are the save before launch, and an autosave loaded from an autosave. Subterranean Crew Bugged Cycle 871.sav Subterranean Crew Bugged.sav
  3. [Game Update] - 296878

    This Rocket hasn't returned yet, but the Research modules are back. When the other rocket returns, only the Command module and Research modules survive. Rocket sections seem to be breaking again.
  4. If you save with the Steam Engine set to only partially fill and it has reached its limit, on reload all of the Steam plus the contents of the input gas pipe (1000g or less) will be dumped as a Gas Canister. Will no occur if the input gas pipe is empty on save. Do not mind the automation in the screen - it is there to avoid the above problem on normal gameplay. Subterranean Crew.sav
  5. Thanks for the support. I'll recreate the setup when I get home and upload a save where the canister gets spit out. edit: bug info uploaded here
  6. I can select the canister for sweeping, but the Emptier doesn't have Steam on its output list. I can only empty it in place. On further testing it seems to happen when I save with the Steam Engine set to less than max capacity and full, with the input pipe full of steam.
  7. On reload (on this patch) the Steam Engine keeps spitting out its contents into a Gas Canister that I can't use on an Emptier. I never had this problem before. Any way to avoid this?