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  1. rabid beetles

    I heard they changed it but the change doesn't affect my world since my world is created before the update. It's really sad if it's true. I've already played more than 500 days in that world.
  2. New Recipes!!!

    oh that explains why the brain of thought is broken in SW and RoG..
  3. you can cheese dragonfly by putting 2 endo fire pits very close to each other and get the dragonfly stuck between the fire pits. Dragonfly's attack will constantly fuel the fire and it would be easier to dodge the attacks since it can't move.
  4. I tried using the bugs b gone as suggested, but these freaking bugs murdered my computer's frame rate. I am currently playing Ham&RoG&SW connected world, and I just can't check all the islands all the time just to prevent this. It's too much work.