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  1. Easy Pickings (Peagawk Feathers)

    it’s not a bug if you don’t like it just don’t do it
  2. Game crashes after picking up stolen lantern (destroying city lantern with executives hammer) in Shipwrecked world (Skyworthy). Shows 'cityalarms' (a nil value) error. Lantern can be used from inventory but game crashes when picking up from ground. Also i accidentally discovered that when you pick up ro-bin egg during hatch animation it spawns 2 ro-bin but one is not gonna follow player. log.txt
  3. Hi! Yes crash is consistent and i also tried to verify integrity of game file, while DST have no problem with launch. Found crash files inside DS bin folder may help for investigation and uploaded new log file with more information. dontstarve_steam_298530_crash_2018_12_7T9_0_7C0.mdmp log.txt
  4. Game just closes after clicking play button and shows no error message.