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  1. I've found this bug in Jan. 9th (PST Jan. 8th) actually. But I only test the bug in relics, so I don't know about it in other interiors. This bug exists in EA, Beta and today's update. you can watch the video to find out how to trigger it. PS: 1. The video is on a Chinese website so may be you can't watch it directly. 2. I use the console command: GetPlayer().components.builder:GiveAllRecipes() or c_give to help me show the bug. It can be triggered actually even if you don't use the command.
  2. Any one can find which pigman will buy the hounds tooth?
  3. There will be a crash when I give a rope to the worker who is in the Tinker Shop.
  4. Thank you ! Maybe I didn't notice that the original Battle Helmet is crooked before. And I'v already known that the issue of the helmet with skin has been fixed, cause I found that issue yesterday, and It doesn't exist now. The noticeable re-skinned helmet bug makes me think the original one is very crooked now. lol And I'm agree with you on the color thing of the cowboy hat.
  5. Thanks a lot! but why I think the animation of original battle helmet is a little weird? And both battle helmet with/without skin are also weird when I change into Deerfrid Mask. May be I have an illusion?
  6. Thanks for the good job. But it seems when you generate a new ROG world compatible with HAM worlds, it will become a DS world finally. And this bug has exsist since last upgrade.
  7. After the update, my nettle plants will grow up like this sometimes. However, I can pick nettles when they shine like this. I'm confused whether it's a bug.