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  1. So my Slickster's have all frozen in place, All have the same status, They won't move to be groomed, Upon reload they'll become active again until they have to expel their waste upon which they'll freeze again and won't even lay eggs.
  2. The 2 save files included at both over cycle 1000. The Last Cycle: Has 2 rockets and the other save has 1 rocket, Both dupes that are astronauts are stuck in the command capsule of rocket 1 and 2, Deconstructing will cause a crash when the Gantry is out, Closing the Gantry will stop the crash but the dupe will be deleted, The main issue here though in the preview branch of "Quality of life" I can't even load the files to start with and my guess is because of my glitched dupes in my rockets. Any more info, Please ask, These save files work but not I. The preview branch. The Last Cycle.sav The_Final_chance.sav
  3. I'm on a 1756 cycle file, 2 Rockets - Crashes on load Backup cycle 1156, 1 rocket - Crashes on load backup cycle 974, 0 rocket - Fine My guess being something rocket related but likely from my 2 dupes are trapped in there and deconstructing out of this test patch will crash, If I do magically deconstruct it without a crash, The dupe is gone, Permanently so I'm guessing that is what my crash is related to....Or just my rockets Also I'm aware it's a preview but the lag is terrible......Then again my 1756 file is 8 fps while in normal speed and that's with a 1070 clocked and I7 6700K, 8GB DDR4 3333mhz RAM......I really hope this QoL sorts it all once released, I hold very high hopes so I can enjoy the game without being so laggy that dupes will stop talking a movement then being sent back and will loop till a frame that doesn't lag and they'll move forward.....then lag loop xD It's a mess in my world.