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  1. Thanks Klei for all the fixes. I'm liking what I'm seeing. Especially the matter of the que's in buildings and metal refinery heating problems. Since we're talking about major bug fixing: just a little addition I find myself having a little trouble with is clothing. When my dupes rummage the lockers, for some reason they don't go wear the clothing when I assign a dupe for it. I have this problem with my textile loom as well. Though I can make clothing and it spawns properly, they don't go wear it. I haven't tested yet whether the problem comes solely from the lockers and jumps to the textile loom or if this is something that exists at both. Another situation that might be worth looking into is the ore scrubber. In previous saved games I had instances where the scrubber doesn't scrub if there is only small quantities of CO2. This happened for example when exploring an ice biome or other biomes where your dupes walk around outside the starting area. Handy if it would work for pre-exosuit exploration. At my recent saves I've been using algae terrariums instead at this stage, so I can't say how it works for my current saves in these situations. Hopefully this proved to be worthwhile feedback. Good luck on the testing and further development. I look forward to the changes in game.