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  1. So I've been wanting for both to be canon and they finally are with wormwood and warly's arrival in dst. all hail charlie! and the devs :3
  2. Cut Content

    I even thought there were going to be piglet citizens, I was hoping you could recruit them as squires. so much potential.
  3. Hamlet Speculation?

    *sigh I hope klei finds a way to make both hamlet and shipwrecked canon. It's kinda weird playing a game where its not even considered canon.
  4. [Poll] On Character Mods

    I use characters from singleplayer because they make DST even more fun with other players, e.g wagstaff/wilba/wormwood with the exception of woodlegs, I love playing as him but his hat is just too OP.
  5. More save slots

    maybe but I dont wanna risk my 1k+ days worlds, vanilla is still better. I've read some reviews of those mods and saw people that had their save files either erased or corrupted.
  6. More save slots

    Would it be possible to get more save slots in the future? there are so many characters now and its a shame we cant play most of them because of the limited slots. mods aren't a good idea, they can wipe all your save files if they break -_-'
  7. ikr whats so bad about giving your opinion in a FORUM, besides at the end of the day, its just really up to klei if they'd take these things in consideration or not.
  8. Last Speculations

    I had to double take to make sure they werent what I thought they were
  9. Update question

    me occupying myself in the forums while waiting for the update
  10. little snaptooth babies

    imagine having a little pet snaptooth near your house to keep those pesky bat away
  11. little snaptooth babies

    tehee, lets keep it :3