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  1. Wormhole Crash

    Game crashes when going through a wormhole, if its any help Im playing as wilba in ROG
  2. Wilba The Werepig of London.

    I didnt get night vision when I tried to force transform her :0, also how do you turn back into normal wilba if you do force the curse with 2 meats
  3. Dragon Pie crash

    after the recent update, harvesting dragon pie crashes the game
  4. Q.O.L. changes

    yeah they fixed it right away
  5. Q.O.L. Bugs

    just encountered Birchnuts bouncing when planted
  6. Birchnut Sapling bounces when planted
  7. [Game Update] - 303169

    so flingos werent nerfed. praise be :')
  8. Warbucks & Wilba Ideas

    Warbucks' portrait shows that he has a blunderbuss with him, maybe he should start with that (or a unique blunderbuss) and some gunpowder just like wigfrid and her spear, maybe a single crockpot food too, but then again if they add that together with the b.hammer and the magnifying glass he'd have almost full inventory at the start of the game.
  9. Iron Hulks merged speculations

    cool! that first pic tho XD
  10. Q.O.L. changes

    walls now also block the snowballs from flingos so the auto pig farms dont work anymore :/
  11. Whats with the recolour?

    maybe there was too much pink, these new colors look as exotic though, and are much more easier on the eyes, for me atleast... also dunno why but humid season tint is now also greenish. either way it looks great!
  12. Brush Crash

    I mean crashes, not ctd
  13. Brush Crash

    CTD after making brush
  14. [Game Update] - 296676

    I get why stealing was nerfed but maaaan , the cheese is real :')