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  1. Wurt

    Coffee doesnt help either o_o
  3. Items disappear when shift-clicked into another container (crockpot, smelter, chest, etc.)
  4. same thing happens to me
  5. what happened to that wagstaff dst emotes post lol
  6. Wagstaff turns gray after wearing infroggles

    i also tried maxing out my sanity and the same thing happens
  7. after wearing infroggles wagstaff turns gray including the items he's equipped. In the image hes equipped a regal shovel, luxury axe and a walking cane.
  8. Wagstaff's smell-o-vision is blurry

    pretty sure hes like this with the cowl too right. I hope they fix it
  9. [Game Update] - 327549

    Is it also possible for wheeler to quickly perform an action after dodging. because right now she pauses after dodging as well :3
  10. Wagstaff and the beefalo becomes invisible and cant move when he uses his gadget (telebrella) and only turns normal when the beefalo eventually kicks the player off
  11. [Game Update] - 327257

    omg wheeler is so cool
  12. I can pick green mushrooms in the morning
  13. withered plants appears to be "normal" after being fertilized once but when you dig them up, they turn into vine/stick/grass/bamboo
  14. Glommer's flower doesn't wither when he's killed so he never respawns in the statue
  15. Wilba keeps on repeating her quote which is only supposed to be for when shes wearing the necklace in full moon or ate monster meats