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  1. tower defense (houndious variants) against shadows maybe? aporkalypse related where you have to defend the portal from shadows that want to enter it and escape into the constant. of course you can control your characters maybe something like dungeon defenders or orcs must die
  2. I have been playing Shipwrecked a lot (again) and thought of stuff that could be added to DST. It would be cool to have some events that pop up every 3-4 years. Unlike the other seasons, hurricanes come rarely after a few years and overtakes the current season but only lasts for half of it. Rain-o-meter upgrade: -players should be able to craft an item that they can place in the rain o meter to upgrade it, same as how you can upgrade the sail -the upgrade should be able to detect a hurricane coming and alert the players 2 days before the hurricane arrives. Spring hurricane: -Heavy rain -Strong winds -Sealnado or a Moosegoose that does the same spin attack as her babies -Waves in the sea ?? Winter hurricane: -Blizzard (slightly decreased vision not as punishing as hamlet.can still be countered by desert goggles or new ski goggles ) -snow will build up on machines/structures making them unusable unless people remove the snow. -Temperature drops a lot more than usual (RIP willow) -Yeti boss or Mrs. klaus (replaces Deerclops for that year) Super hurricane variant: -trees will be felled -most plants will be uprooted -machines will break from the strong wind -if its winter the sea will freeze and boats will be unusable (I know this is crazy) -flooding in the caves no hurricanes during autumn and summer because I think autumn is safe season and should let the players wind down from all the chaos and having a hurricane in summer would cancel out the heat and would defeat the whole purpose of that season. also I couldn't think of anything that would fit summer. Hurricanes should be like a "buff" to spring and winter and should keep new players and old ones on their toes.
  3. Items disappear when shift-clicked into another container (crockpot, smelter, chest, etc.)
  4. after wearing infroggles wagstaff turns gray including the items he's equipped. In the image hes equipped a regal shovel, luxury axe and a walking cane.
  5. pretty sure hes like this with the cowl too right. I hope they fix it
  6. Is it also possible for wheeler to quickly perform an action after dodging. because right now she pauses after dodging as well :3
  7. Wagstaff and the beefalo becomes invisible and cant move when he uses his gadget (telebrella) and only turns normal when the beefalo eventually kicks the player off
  8. withered plants appears to be "normal" after being fertilized once but when you dig them up, they turn into vine/stick/grass/bamboo
  9. Glommer's flower doesn't wither when he's killed so he never respawns in the statue
  10. Wilba keeps on repeating her quote which is only supposed to be for when shes wearing the necklace in full moon or ate monster meats