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  1. New printing pod feature

    This isn't the first time I've seen where the developers(other than klei) introduced a new feature that made some aspects of the game easier. With the exact same reaction some people have here. People have the choice to use it, or not use it. But because some people can use it, it's a huge problem. This idea is absurd to me.
  2. New printing pod feature

    It feels like an elitist mentality. "Did such and such before easy mode was forced on everyone." usually phrased as "this makes the game too easy" Or some such BS. If anyone has a different reasoning behind this, please, I'm all ears.
  3. It depends really. I say GPU but I really mean the whole graphics pipeline. When you scroll over vacuum and FPS increases then something isn't happening. First guess would be shaders, but when talking gasses we also have to know what/where/how much. Which is all calculated CPU side and sent over the buffer. So it's entirely possible to have a case where both CPU and GPU are not pegging out, but still be GPU limited due to the volume of data being sent. Best practice is to do a one time dump of data on the GPU then only send small chunks of info stating small changes. Say like toss the model/texture/animations on the GPU then send a number indicating which animation and time stamp in that animation each frame along with xyz. The pathing on the other hand is entirely on the CPU side(or should be). The largest bottle neck isn't the calculations, but the access to memory. In short, the less available to look at the better. If I had to guess I would say they are not using some easy optimizations(would love to be told I'm wrong). Off the top of my head would be combining dupes on same pathnode subsystems, and only validating areas of change.
  4. That would imply I was wrong, that you were indeed GPU limited. The shaders applied to gasses would be the cause. As for the performance increase from limiting the pathing of the dupes. I'm disappointed, but not surprised.
  5. I don't think it's the graphics causing the slowdown. Much of that is computed GPU side, which frankly is under utilized in this game due to sprite heavy display. I commented the other day that there is a ton of calculations regarding gasses. All tiles do computation as far as heat transfer. Gasses have a computation above liquids as far as I can tell. When you have mixed gasses, you have randomized movement of single tiled gasses. You also have constant movement from high density to low density until equalization. After everything is equalized, the computation may still happen, or hopefully there is an early out. So I would think that worst case would be 90% of your map as gas, best case would be vacuum. Either way, GPU limited or CPU limited, vacuum should help your base run faster.
  6. Oil Well too hot

    There is a 3 degree buffer for phase change. So ~103 to boil, ~97 to condense. This helps prevent constant phase changes.
  7. Bottled pH2O offgasses much faster than freestanding pH2O. You pump 5t of pH2O into a liquid reservoir then have a plumber deconstruct the reservoir. 5t of pH2O in a bottle offgassing at >150g/s. Or you could not empty pH2O bottles from algae terrariums(what I do). This is the first time I've attempted this, but I have 1 AT surrounded by 3 deodorizers just in case that bottle of pH2O goes above 200g/s.
  8. First time I've heard a reasonable explanation. I solve that little issue by keeping grey water away from my fresh water supply. I dump the excess into a reed plant. The only germs I've ever been concerned about are slimelung. I take care that issue by careful handling of slime.
  9. I'm confused. What do you need germ free water for?
  10. In short: I draw the line between "exploit" and "needs balance" based on how you got there. Not where you get to. Just so I understand where you draw the line: if I was to freeze O2 so that it dropped into debris on the floor, thereby making an infinite storage for it... is that an exploit as well?
  11. I don't agree with this view: You build a system with the liquid on low pressure vent in a vacuum. Not an exploit. You dump 1kg/tile gas into said room. Not an exploit. You raise it to 1.999kg/tile... still not an exploit. 2.001kg? exploit. Never mind the fact that the vent has been ignoring what the pressure has been the entire time. Doors on the other hand do not check pressure. You don't have to circumvent a designed limitation of the object to achieve an effect. In short: I draw the line between "exploit" and "needs balance" based on how you got there. Not where you get to.
  12. The only difference I can think between the two is the magnitude of the end point. They both move gas from low pressure to high pressure. Maybe you are talking about something I'm not thinking about?
  13. I've never encountered a system that works like that. What I've seen is that HL or LH = 1 and no change in level = 0.
  14. I prefer to define exploit as something that utilizes objects in such a way that it works when it shouldn't. Here that would be the opposing element type over a vent(liquid on gas, gas on liquid). It tricks/fools the vent by making it think it's obeying the rules set out. There isn't another way to describe what's happening with out lying. Turbine setups that use a superheat gas other than steam for one tile and steam in another would fall squarely in this category. I would not define door pumps as an exploit, but as out of balance mechanics. While it seems to defy the intent of the developers, all pieces are working as intended. Turbines with 1 or more ports blocked fall into this category as well since they still produce at full power. But do so when all other requirements are met. The former I expect to be eliminated as soon as they can. The latter I hope will be balanced in some way.
  15. This isn't all that bad an idea if you're low on pWater. Instead of a single dupe working in the pWater pit all day, you could have a couple of these setups(minus the bed) at a lower priority(say 3 or 2?). This way you can occupy other wise idle dupes.