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  1. Only guaranteed 3.33333kg/s of crude or ~2kg + Vents nat gas. (plus about 250g/s from CO2->slickster conversion).
  2. Well, I was thinking 0 dupe interaction, but if you want to go this route then it would probably be better to go with the pipe empty route. Have a liquid reservoir looped on it's self, have 2 valves, 1 set to 67g, the other set to 1, have the 1 with a split output that with one that loop to the input(result is .5g/s) for the 67.5g/s output. Set the pipe empty command on the input of the reservoir. What you have here is a task that can never be completed as long as the pw flows from the NG gen. It's fault resistant up to 5T in the reservoir. Since bottles off gas up to 1800g, a pump of some sort is recommended.
  3. @R9MX4 The problem is the unpredictable nature of the compressed PW pool. So you would need more PW than the average balancing point. While if you could automate bottling of the PW you would have a consistent production for far less water. The conversion rate I was specifically talking about was the pO2->NG via the Philosopher's Stone.
  4. Was thinking about this. You would need to find a way to automate the off gassing of the pH2O(one of brothgars videos comes to mind), but you can make a machine that outputs power with 0 net input with NG gens. The only question would be how much can be converted per second.
  5. So if we change our view of the pourpose of the turbine to heat deletion, and only heat deletion, then the turbine is overpowered... by alot. If we make the turbine only power gas pumps we can have 2 ports open before we need to bring in power(for that aspect). This turbine is now capable of deleting all the heat brought to it by 12 aquatuners running super coolant 100% of the time. You would have to build the ATs/Pumps out of space materials, but the turbine it's self could be any refined material. To put a number to it, that's 14 million DTU/s. That's 1080 weeze worts, or 177 AETN's. And that's only 40% of it's capability. To bring it down to prespace we can safely(steel) run 2 tuners(water) per open port. Or roughly 206 worts worth of cooling per port. If/when they overhaul the turbine I hope they at least make it a subtraction method rather than a set output. This would allow for using the turbines in series easier, would align more with reality and balance it in one go. Scaling output power by ports wouldn't be a bad thing either. 2k per port feels about right due to the sheer amount of heat deleted combined with the methods we have of transferring heat. As an aside... I'm not a fan of the tepidizer. Germs are easy to deal with already, and there is more effective ways already that don't use power. I don't see how it's removal would be detrimental. Using it is a convenience at best, a waste at worst. It's removal, or nerf to reasonable levels would allow freedom to bring the turbine to useable levels. But that's just my 2cents.
  6. As for OP's build: it would be more effective if you would control how much heat is being transferred to the steam. Right now you are transferring as much heat as possible as soon as possible to the steam. So you waste heat potential due to the fact that the turbine outputs a static temperature. Great way to delete heat, terrible way to generate power.
  7. Using door pumps(or 2 gas trick?) you can get constant surplus power using 6 aquatuner(water), 5 1 port turbines, and a tepidizer(no trick). No extra heat needed. According to the math anyway.
  8. I don't remember the numbers exactly... but the impression I have is that gassy moos basically turn a chlorine vent into a NG vent for almost the same effort as a sourgas boiler.
  9. Wait, doesn't the aquatuner wait until it has a 10kg packet before doing anything? so a 1g valve would make it wait 10000 seconds?
  10. I don't have pictures, but what I did with my double electrolyzer spom setup(cycle 50ish) was to create 5 total output lines. 1:H2 4:O2. It will output hot O2 to 2 of the lines first then put the O2 through the weeze room. It's a kinda a mess but it's 2 pumps to combine bridge, bridge to hot, overflow routed through weeze room. O2 chambers are separated while the H2 room is combined(2 H2 gens, 1 smart battery, 1 pump). This setup is position center of the map several levels below my pod. For the cool O2 I have 2 vents per pipe positioned a distance from each other. Ideally bracing the living area. So the first vent releases into the central area and the 2nd one vents at the edges. From there I let entropy do it's thing while trying to keep CO2 levels down.
  11. You may be onto something here. The fix is simple, make input power = output power. 960w=960dtu...still unrealistic... but it's a game. Although this would be a ~4000% nerf of the tepidizer. Then you can bump up the turbine efficiency to a real % (turbine outputs: input_steam_temp-X, rather than a static number). As a side note, I outlined a perpetual motion machine: 5 1 port turbines, 3 aquatuners(Super coolant), 1 tepidizer, 20 gas pumps for 640w, use door pumps instead to get an extra 4800w. Using water you can't achieve a net positive power with gas pumps. Using door pumps(or gas fighting) you can achieve a net positive with 3 turbines and 4 aquatuners(240w). As you add more turbines and aquatuners, your net positive increases up to 6 1 port turbines and 7 aquatuners. Beyond that you need to add an another tepidizer. I've seen comments about the aquatuner.../shrug, it's a game. The only thing truly wrong with it is that it doesn't generate extra heat. To get ultra realistic it would work by transferring dtu's rather than degrees of C. If you go the DTU route then you should also change the effectiveness of it depending on what material it's made out of, and what liquid is being run through it(conductivity being the important bit). But this is a game, a little free license is to be expected in place of ultra-realism.
  12. @lee1026 Small issue. If we take an item and use it as a reference for J->DTU conversion then we end up with 1348% when we use the tepidizer(4233.33 DTU/j) as the baseline. Which kinda fits along with the H2 gen outperforming real world counterparts. But I agree, 49.5%(I got 47.8..?) is an agreeable number.
  13. I'm starting to wonder if blocking 4 ports really is an exploit. The code checks to see if all 5 ports are open... displays an error box and does nothing else. Could be a mistake that hasn't been addressed in how many months? The steam processed is scaled by the number of ports open. Hard to believe is a mistake, but maybe? Real world steam engines have >40% efficiency. The ingame turbine is <0.07%, and that number "skyrockets" to <0.33% with 4 ports blocked. So in a world with build/harvest/supply guns.... dupes can't make a steam turbine that is at least 1%? The only thing that comes to mind as explanation is that turbines are designed solely to delete heat. Creating power is a by product.
  14. So, in the last couple of days I did some math... Tepidizers generate energy. If you could harness the raw DTU's it puts out you can run a turbine with no other heat source. (226.9C-151.8C)*4*10000=3,004,000 joules. Since this happens per second, you can just say watts. The output power is 2k of course giving an efficiency ratio of ~0.07%. With all but 1 port blocked we are looking at 600,800 watts, bumping up the efficiency to 0.33%. Real world counterparts are in the 40% range. 5 ports open on a turbine: 2.7 aquatuners running super coolant, 0.73 tepidizer. Or 5 turbines 1 port open, 3 Aquatuners(sc) running full time, tepidizer running full time, 20 gas pumps, will net you 640w. Use door pumps instead for an additional 4800w.
  15. New printing pod feature

    This isn't the first time I've seen where the developers(other than klei) introduced a new feature that made some aspects of the game easier. With the exact same reaction some people have here. People have the choice to use it, or not use it. But because some people can use it, it's a huge problem. This idea is absurd to me.