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  1. When the tile a sage hatch is burrowed in is dug and the hatch falls in to water it despawns. I uninstalled all mods and it still occurred. "What have I done?"
  2. It seems to be this issue effects time-sensitive automation logic more broadly. I have a simple gas filtering setup with an element sensor followed by a shutoff that filters out the selected element into the shutoff's line because the shutoff is activated for the tick where the gas moves into the shutoff-occupied pipe tile. Everything works as expected while you're watching it, but after a while of doing other things the storage tanks all have a mix of gasses in them. I haven't had any power outages so that can't be it. I've also encountered a similar thing with temperature filters before a aquatuner on my coolant line, where the aquatuner's output pipe breaks from over-cooling the pwater that should have been filtered out, then after noticing it and being confused finding that it didn't happen after reloading and watching it for the cycle.