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  1. Random "DST Has Stopped Working"

    I was in the middle of a forge match (In the Scorpeon wave) and it just randomly happened like every single time with the same "Result" (Small audio stutter and then crash). And yes I think I played a game or two before the game that I crashed in, but I did not open any chests/gift boxes of any sort, the crashing so far never really happened in the menus. I did set the volume to 0 in the in-game settings for now, but I only played one game with that change so I'm not sure if it is indeed a workaround for me. Also one thing I've noticed was in the end of the client_log was that statement that says "Shutting Down" (And all the repeated stuff above it), I don't understand exactly what that is but I assume something happened around there that caused my game to Shut down/Crash, attaching a screenshot of that part here (Same log attached in original post)
  2. Random "DST Has Stopped Working"

    Hello @Zillvr! Yeah, I should make a copy when I play tonight and post it here by editing the post and attaching it! Hey @Starphire! I will be trying this after I reproduce the Crash and post my client_log here, I'm actually optimistic about trying it although it kind of sucks having no sounds while playing :/
  3. I haven't ever had a problem like that playing DST before, Its been a while since I played the game other than forge (A couple of months) but I'm pretty sure whatever is happening here is somehow caused by The Forge Basically I'll be playing a game, and out of nowhere randomly my game would freeze and then the audio would stutter for a couple of seconds before it pops up the "Don't Starve Together has stopped working", and then I'll have to totally restart my whole game. it doesn't really matter what stage of the game I am in I believe, because it happened in the first few pig waves, it happened in the Snortoise wave, the Scorpeon wave, and the last case which happened like an hour ago with me on the Boarrior fight. I've read and heard from more people that they have the problem, but I'm hoping that there will be somehow a fix or at least a workaround. EDIT: So I tried playing again to reproduce the crash and get a client log, and it did happen today, so the log will be attached if there is anything else you want me to attach/mention feel free to ask me client_log_2018-11-19-20-04-04.txt