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  1. Game Constantly Crashing

    Okay I have resolved the problem. It turns out a file got corrupted. I simply had to quarantine my files (according to my antivirus) Once I had done that, I had rebooted my laptop. Then the issue was resolved.
  2. Game Constantly Crashing

    Hm, mind if I just copy and paste the text? Also, I think that my antivirus thinks that the game is a ransomeware. Ah yes, it was my antivirus. I did also need to mess with the files a bit. Thank you for all your help!
  3. Every time I attempt to boot up DST, it crashes. It didn't used to be like this, but when the august update happened, this issue started. I have updated all my drivers, verified my game file's integrity, uninstalled, reinstalled, removed all my mods, rebooted my laptop, and pretty much every other strategy.