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  1. Thank you, I'm slowly starting to understand. However, when I type in the krane bit into the command prompt, it tells me that krane is not an internal or external command and what not. I think I may be doing something wrong but I'm unsure. Sorry for the trouble, I really appreciate the help
  2. Ah, thank you! This really helps! I don't really know how to properly recycle animations from the base game since I'm very new at this so is there like a tutorial or something you know of that can help? If not, that's okay. I really appreciate the advice!
  3. So when I put the cleared files in the exported files and replace them, the parts I didn't want (tail, ears, skirt) don't appear Spriter but they show up in the game. Did I forget to do something there? Someone else getting this problem? Kinda stuck
  4. So I'm currently making a DST character mod from Dragon Wolf Leo and I ran into a problem pretty quick. My character has a high ponytail but I have very limited knowledge to using Spriter or any sort of coding so I'm unsure on how to animate the ponytail bouncing along like all the other characters. I also wanted to make a follower for him that kinda works the same way as Abigail and Bernie mixed together. I'd have the follower's item (a gem in this case) work the same way as Abigail's flower and appear normally but become big and aggressive like Bernie when a player is insane when my character's stat is low. Koya (the follower) may end up needing custom animations so...yikes. Unfortunately, all I have are minimal refs and ideas, it's getting everything done that will be difficult. Any help is appreciated though!