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  1. It is indeed much, much faster (also doesn't destroy my phone's dataplan anymore), awesome job @Cairath #SorrynotSorry Will do! I'll start up the seeding again later today.
  2. I was already working on something that does exactly what you suggested! (Also working on running the script in VirtualBox so I could get a couple of VM's running). I would suggest waiting for the mod update @Cairath is about to push and the upcoming Upgrade-preview from Klei; It would be a shame to regenerate all the seeds only to find out Klei is adding another biome/geyser/something in the next upgrade. Also; <3 Vim
  3. I do, but currently lacking the ability to speak due to a rather horrendous case of the flu. Feel free to send me a PM!
  4. Awesome job on finding the fix yourself! A different resolution (compared from my setup) would indeed break the script, I'll work on a solution for version 1.1!
  5. Hi, I've written a rudimentary script in AutoHotKey that automagically and endlessly uploads seeds to the ONI Seeds Browser. I've dubbed it; ONISeedsLooper. It's been running overnight and has uploaded 600 (and counting) seeds to the ONI Seeds Browser. My computer takes approximately 45-50 seconds to run through one iteration of the loop, equaling out to approximately 1728 seeds added per day. I've attached OniSeedsLooper 1.0 to this post for anyone interested in helping populate the ONI Seeds Browser using ONISeedsLooper. The source of ONISeedsLooper is available in the attachment. ONISeedsLooper should - in theory - work on any Windows computer; Just run ONISeedsLooper.exe to get started. @Cairath, Thank you for creating the ONI Seeds Browser! If you have any objections to ONISeedsLooper, please let me know! ONISeedsLooper 1.0.zip