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  1. it seems there is also mass problem with gray quests. So they're completed but stay gray for some reason...
  2. Hmmm okay i've done it again. Disabled all mods Closed DST Verified the integrity of the game cache And yeah im getting exp, and bar increase.
  3. Yeah: [00:02:47]: [CommunityProgression] Faild to download quest data (502), remaining retries: 1 for user KU_9m-8g7cu
  4. Also launched a fast game by myself with death at start hoping it would solve it, but still no change...
  5. Hi there, My timer for new quests run out but new quests didnt show up, instead got this msg: "Failed to retrieve your quests"... Tried checking integrity of files, reinstalling, restarting nothing helps. No mods are enabled, and werent enabled since started playing forge this year and quests showed up normally. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi you're my only hope... client_log.txt