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  1. Hello, I encountered a bug while playing with the Hamlet DLC: rabbit hutches are broken in interiors. Bunnymen would spawn once if you are in the same room as the hutch or disappear forever in limbo. Being a modder myself, I made the following fix to the rabbithouse.lua file: Replace: local function Empty(inst) --print(inst, "OnDay") if not inst:HasTag("burnt") then if inst.components.spawner:IsOccupied() then if inst.doortask then inst.doortask:Cancel() inst.doortask = nil end inst.doortask = inst:DoTaskInTime(1 + math.random()*2, function() inst.components.spawner:ReleaseChild() end) end end end By: local function Empty(inst) if inst:HasTag("burnt") or GetClock():IsDay() then inst.doortask = nil else if inst.doortask and not inst:IsInLimbo() then if inst.components.spawner:IsOccupied() then inst.components.spawner:ReleaseChild() end inst.doortask = nil else inst.doortask = true inst:DoTaskInTime(1 + math.random()*2, function() Empty(inst) end) end end end Adding those checks fixed the bug. I guess pig/wildbore houses have the same problem and need fixing too. Thank you for the great game.