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  1. So I guess lore-wise the shipwreck world is getting sucked in the constant?
  2. Hamlet Speculation?

    I was rewatching the E3 Hamlet Gameplay trailer and I believe that Wilson was trying to escape the Constant (The RoG world, I believe not sure) and hopefully go back to his house or somewhere with civilization. In his attempt however he is punished! I believe that the lighting strike that hit him wasn't random, in fact it could be the same lighting strike that hits you when you try to attack the throne. Now, I don't think he crashed into Hamlet, because at the start of the video he is going up, meaning he just started the journey, If the lighting strike was normal he would probably crash some meters away his initial start point. The lighting strike teleported him to Hamlet where somebody else rules. In my opinion Hamlet comes after Don't Starve Together because Maxwell isn't on the throne anymore, hence why he doesn't introduce us to the world and instead Maxameleon does. This is my 1st ever speculation about the game and I'm missing a lot of the lore but I hope that it's not something that is being talked about
  3. If you're in range of a flingomatic and willow starts a fire because she's insane, the flingomatic will extinguish the fire but you WON'T be able to build in the spot where the fire started. Can you please fix this or tell me a solution?