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  1. Same, your game is far too hard for us to keep archives
  2. Category : Characters Platform : Linux (Ubuntu 16.4) Do you use mods : Yes ( 99 stack items; season text; extra slots.) Version Number : 294865 Issue : Since I started playing Hamlet in early access, when I die and the XP bar is growing, the shadow of a character from Shipwreck I already have shows. It "unlocked" Walani and then it showed the shadow of Warly. One time only it did show a shadow looking like the pig girl. I just lost a game of 15 days with W and it showed Walani shadow again when the XP bar was going up.
  3. I have the same issue. A lamp, a chair, a table and a window disappeared. My shelf, floor and wallpaper stayed. I saved and quit while beging in the house, and when I went back in the game, those furnitures were gone.