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  1. Hi I've recently bought Don't Starved with RoG expansion - and I love it! I have a problem though- in the crafting menu some items lack descriptions - there's only "Text not found". This shouldn't be a big problem, I know, but since I'm quite new to the game, I have no idea how to craft those items, thats a gamebreaking deal for me. Those are mostly the items from the "magic" tab. I've tried googling for a solution - that problem occured some time ago for several ppl, but it was said to be fixed with an update. Sadly, not for me :/ I've heard it's somehow linked to the "shipwrecked" dlc, but I don't even have it (yet That is if things go well with this bug fixing). I'm posting my log file as well, since I've heard it might be required. log.txt