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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This ia a combinashion of the horror sans and ink sans mod created by Fluffy Howl and жорка зеленка , i made this mod as a practice mod and into making chariter mods as they had all the abilitys i wanted in a charater such as food items, faster walking speed and night vishion, i have changed alot of the coding and recipys and the starting items horror comes with to make him a charater mod for the more casrle gamers who stuggle surviving and play for the creative side like me, in no way am i trying to take creddit for the idea, art and consept all of that gose to the origonal creaters but i do want this to be on the steam workshop so my boyfriend and other friends can more easly subscribe so we can all play together. hope to hear from you soon and when i learn to do the art and animashion this mod will be updated to evenchaly be changed to gradient sans, for now tho i am too much of a noob to learn how to code the animashions and art in, please add him i would be very greatfull