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  1. Why can't i hold all these Ro Bins? xD Had similar issue, when the first stone spawned i placed the egg inside ro bin and he puked a new ro bin from time to time. When i placed the egg on the ground it dissapeard.
  2. I assumed one of the effects of the gas mask is a sanity lost, wich makes nettles more convenient for hay fever and the mask more nieche, to explore the poisonous jungle. Not sure though.
  3. A way around i found to catch birds when this happens is leave a bird trap with a seed bait on it next to a ruins entrance, go in, get out, there will be a bird on the trap.
  4. I had the same issue, but the meat dissapeard without logging out. On a visit to my base the meat was gone.I countinued playing, went to a ruin as i aproached my base again the game crashed with a dryingrack error related.