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  1. So good, been waiting for this! Networks seem to stop at bridges, though.
  2. Sleeping sound of Sweepy seems to be either too loud or it can be heard in a too big radius
  3. When I try to type a number in the Signal Counter, the respecting building menu for that number opens and the number doesn’t appear in the text field of the sensor. Sometimes it works on second try.
  4. Does anybody miss an (additional) 1x1 version of the Pixel Pack? You could make screens that have a certain shape. And it might help a lot if you just want to build colored background walls with them (idk, Just thinking) Deconstruct its dock
  5. Weight Plate doesn’t recognize Sweepy
  6. I wish Sweepy wouldn’t be tied to it’s dock but instead would use any dock available to recharge.
  7. Bottle Emptier automatically checks all, so newly discovered liquids will be delivered too, even if you checked only one liquid
  8. Zooming seems to be too sensitive (Mac). It almost immediately zooms in/out to the max. Edit: Sorry that’s probably a mod…
  9. I guess it would be nice if they would grow up in another space if available, and if not would just smash that tile and free themselves
  10. I have a feeling this also happens with hot tub and sauna
  11. same here. it can also happen with Packim Baggims after leaving the volcano and hopping to another world
  12. Don’t know how it is supposed to work, but: Allied ballphins don’t seem to help you much with mining corals. I befriended like 12 of them and from time to time some of them helped just a little bit, I think it would be nice if it would work more like with the pig followers "KEEEEEE!"
  13. Ballphins sometimes swim on land You don’t have to ally them for this to happen
  14. Allied ballphins follow you into Slanty Shanty (and maybe other buildings too)
  15. Sometimes planted Elephant Cacti just disappear (no stump left). No idea how to recreate, but here is a video in which it happens (offscreen, at 11:00):
  16. Wormwood doesn’t get sanity from planting Seaweed Stalks. (Shipwrecked, didn’t check in Hamlet)
  17. I can’t narrow it down so this is everything I did (and was able to recreate) to get two Packim Baggims of which one (kind of) duplicates items. Go to the volcano with Packim Baggims, collect some stuff, put it in Packim Baggims, leave the volcano, go to the skyworthy, take the stuff inside Packim Baggims, drop the fishbone, use the skyworthy and travel to Hamlet, (Packim Baggims is visible for a very short time next to the skyworthy and dissapears), travel back to Shipwrecked, (there’s one Packim Baggims right where the fishbone is but another one is appearing and heading to the fishbone, he carrys a copy of the stuff you collected at the volcano and just took out of him)
  18. I was on the BFB Island when a batilisk attack started but I left to the bat cave before they actually "landed". When I came back later I saw they are still there, just hanging in the air. Had to zoom out to see them. They don’t attack
  19. I think hunts are supposed to surprise you with either a koalafant, an ewecus or a varg. You would need three different hunt options you can set to less, default, more and lots. This might be rather a feature request than a bug