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  1. I've crashed probably 20+ times before day 80 on my recently created save (my first time playing SW). I've remade the save a few times at the start, uninstalling mods completely, and it's still crashing constantly. Has anyone found any temp fixes? So far the bugs that have been persistent besides the few random crashes have been: -SGsnake.lua file error when encountering snakes from chopping trees/vines -Insta crash (lua error) when turning on a boat lantern -Not able to customize new worlds. You're able to switch the settings when creating a world but they don't register when you're ingame -Boat repair kit not existing in the crafting menu (TEMP fix!! You can still spawn them in console) -Just random crashes when sailing (game just instantly closes, no "lua error" screen) Has anyone found any way to get around some of the bugs? perhaps messing with the files and such.. I've tried uninstalling the hamlet DLC and it didn't seem to fix anything. !!PLEASE NOTE!! that all of these bugs have indeed been listed on the Bug Tracker forum, but what I'm asking in this thread is workarounds for them.
  2. Boat Repair Kit Not Existing

    I have this issue too. As a temp fix, you can still get one from the wreckage at spawn, and you can still spawn them with console.
  3. I can confirm that this bug is a constant issue in Shipwrecked since the Hamlet update. I tried uninstalling mods and even reinstalling the game. 6 of my save games are just broken and needed to be deleted because of this exact lua error that constantly happens around day 5 to 7 for me, which is odd because snakes have appeared many times earlier in the save but only later on will it crash repeatedly. You don't even need to hit the vines with a machete for it to happen. I think just random snakes loading in or out will cause it to crash.