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  1. We should be prevented from going inside when there's meteors falling from the sky. Have our character say "Being inside won't protect me!" or something because there's really no reason we should be safe inside in that scenario.
  2. Hamlet interior Beta. I was walking outside when I heard the light bulb sound out of nowhere. I realized the renovate tab appeared only on one tile outside in RoG when I didn't even got to Hamlet yet and so I didn't have the key to the city yet.
  3. I'm in the Hamlet interior beta and a Krampus stole the Key to the City. I don't think he should be able to steal it.
  4. Renovate Tab outside

    Done for both!
  5. only single hound/croc per wave

    This is also happening to me.
  6. Renovate Tab outside

    I'm uploading that right now, I even managed to find another spot like this but in the caves this time.
  7. Hamlet interior Beta. I started my game with normal settings in Fall. I went in the caves on day 30 in winter and the caves somehow jumped 21 days forward in time. So when I went up it was late-spring but it still was day 31, while in the caves it's day 52.
  8. In hamlet interior beta. I'm not sure what caused this, but my chester cloned himself and all of the items inside of him. I do remember seeing chester for a few frames after using the skyworthy from RoG to HAM, once I've arrived in Hamlet. When I came back there was the regular chester with his eye bone, and another chester who was hopping around aimlessly at the other end of the screen. After a quick save and quit and coming back they both were attached to the only eye bone. Now I have 2 chesters that can follow me. Going in hamlet and coming back changes nothing.
  9. If you're out of souls in your inventory but still have room in your backpack you won't pick up the souls and Wortox drops them.
  10. [Game Update] - 309895

    Why not lower the payout of the End's Well instead of getting rid of that source of income? 1-3 gems per nightmare fuel is way too much and that seems more like the problem to me. Even 1:1 is pretty generous. You should change it to something similar to the normal Wishing Well ex: only having 60% chance of getting a purple gem per nightmare fuel. Why not add the rare gems with a .01% chance too, it would make the End's Well more interesting while fixing the "easy oincs" problem.