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  1. It's quite simple, time in the constant moves in a Jeremy Bearimy.
  2. Nice skins concepts! But I think Klei might do a reindeer skin for Wortox because it's more obvious.
  3. Technically, he is. He came from an update that you have to download. So Wagstaff is free Down-Loadable Content.
  4. I guess Canada doesn’t count then. :’(
  5. Wurt's diet guide

    Are they really meat tough? They don't have a meat value iirc only an egg value. Wurt is said to be vegetarian not vegan, so I think she should be able to eat eggs.
  6. Wurt

    Wilba final character confirmed!
  7. What’s the point of puppets if you still need to carry tools with you and chop manually anyway? That doesn’t seems very fun.
  8. the waves on the main menu

    They're still in the game. They're at the edge of the map now.
  9. Wow, who knew Wilson was the real lumberjack character after all? Thank you for taking the time to do those tests. Very interesting stuff!
  10. Why not have your test be 4 choppers then? Either the stumps matter or they don't. That's not a fair comparison if you're not maxing the chopping power if that's the only thing that matters here. The other thing your test seem to be missing is the time it takes to pick up all that wood. Maxwell can pick it up while chopping while Woodie cannot. A more accurate test would include that too in my opinion.
  11. No mention of her 400% hunger drain?
  12. While you're kiting the Treeguard in a forest your puppets continue to chop down trees around, so you're not even slowed down that much.
  13. Maybe they don't want them to be too similar so that when they port Wilba from Hamlet (crossing my fingers!) she's still "unique".
  14. It also needs to last way longer. 60 sec of extra speed is really not worth 30 hp and all your hunger.
  15. I gotta agree, he seems severely under-powered. Were G oose lasts only 60 sec if you never stop moving and it drains all your hunger for not going that much faster. M oose only hit as hard as a dark sword and you can't heal yourself while transformed. ( You also lose 20hp upon transforming so you're not even full.) Also doesn't last very long. Woodie might be worse than he was before since there's major drawbacks to transforming now.
  16. "Good news everyone! I've invented a way to cheat death itself!"
  17. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    (The birth of Wormwood, 2019)
  18. When retrieving a fallen trap as WereWilba with a rabbit inside, you only get the trap back and the rabbit vanishes.
  19. Yes! We need more Steamed Hams in Don't Starve Together! Hamlet shouldn't hog all the fun.
  20. Christoph from the Truman Show is Them confirmed!
  21. [Game Update] - 333702

    It looks like that's still the same.
  22. Woodie can get them to follow him longer for the same amount of meat, so he gets more bang for his bucks in the long term.
  23. Shadow porter, a discount Chester that can follow even between servers.(Caves) It would make sense considering his backpack examine quote and it could be a nice addition to his puppets. He splits his mind to make his life easier. “I wish there were porters around here.” –Maxwell about backpacks
  24. That's already in the game! I would like to see a revamped shadow digger, having the prompt to dig up a bush like you're holding a shovel yourself would make them more useful. Preventing duelists from engaging tentacles would be nice too. Maybe even being up-gradable when you give them night armor, dark sword or extra nightmare fuel. ( like gears but with increased damage and max hp instead) Other than that I feel like Maxwell is in a pretty good spot right now. I don't want him to change too much.