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  1. Thanks! I didn't really know what to search the forum for, so this is very helpful. This (mostly) fixes the immediate problem of dark gas textures (it still happens right when I create a new world, but it goes back to the normal light colors when I restart). Sadly, this workaround seems to also really kill the game's performance, which I guess is a known issue. All my clicks feel slow, even from the menu screens before a world is loaded. I guess I'll stick with the old version a while longer.
  2. The gas textures look "dark" rather than "light". I don't quite know how else to describe this. The best description is probably a picture. I actually initially assumed this was a new feature, because it actually looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, it makes carbon dioxide basically invisible, so it's not really playable this way.
  3. I'll let the screenshot speak for itself. I don't know what's different between the two sleeping pig guards, except that one of them is clearly hypothermic. For context, I just had a bat attack, and the guards "helped" with that. It's possibly also a bug that the guards are asleep; not sure.
  4. I had this bug too. I swear it's not just the map-reversing thing -- I literally entered a mant-room and found once I was inside that the room had no exits at all (though the map still showed an entrance on the opposite side from where I entered, as one would expect...) I'm like 99% sure this world was created after the *updated* interiors beta version was released though. Edit: An in-game bug report has been submitted. There's been an earthquake in the mean time, so it's no longer just a single exit-free room, but I still can't get out of the mant hill. Subsequent edit: Yep, it did it again in a brand new world too.