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  1. Hi. Thanks for the hints. From now on, we only tried to use the commands by the host. We tried c_gonext, it didn't find anything either. Looks like the pearl completely vanished. Maybe a bug? And about the container (chest): I am not sure about the pearl. But we tried putting chester bone onto the ground, then c_gonext and c_find did find it. But after putting it inside a chest, c_gonext and c_find didn't find the chester bone. So I think it does matter. Because we don't know any command to look for it inside a chest, we thoroughly searched all our 100 chests manually. Couldn't find it anyway. Finally, we managed to get the pearl using c_give. It worked this time, finally.
  2. Thanks for all suggestions. We already roamed around a couple of days without relizing we forgot its location. We probably were thinking the other player has it. I forgot to mention, that we play a large world with caves, which could make things more complicated. • We have already tried the command c_find in both overworld and underworld and it didn't find anything. Does it matter if the world host runs those commands? First we just want to determine the coordinates, we don't need to move anything anywhere. print(c_find("hermit_pearl").Transform:GetWorldPosition()) • I suspect, that if the pearl was inside a chest or something, that it might be a problem. Is there a command to find the coordinates of a chest which contains a specific item? • If we use c_give or c_spawn, the pearl appears on the ground and cannot be picked up. Weird. We haven't tried c_gonext yet.
  3. Hi, Me and my friend were playing multiplayer, we finished all 10 hermit's quests. As a reward, we got the shiny pearl's pearl. We learned, that every time we saved the game and loaded it later, the pearl's pearl dropped to the ground. Never mind, we picked it up again. But now, after a couple of in-game days, the pearl's pearl is missing. We can't find it anywhere. We haven't even fought the Crab King yet. It might be possible, that it is lying somewhere on the ground behind a tree. We don't know. We searched the map over and over and can't find it. What can we do? How tho get/find the pearl's pearl now? Please help.
  4. Hi, Would it be possible to add a new feature to the checklist? I would like to bookmark a Multi Filter. Example: https://dst-skins-checklist.github.io/?sel_character=WX-78&sel_reskin=Head