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  1. Hi, I think it would be nice if I could feed a pet (critter) that belongs to a friend (another player). I can already feed my friend's character when he's hungry or AFK, and it would be great to feed his pet as well. The poor animal is often hungry and I can't do anything, that's sad. https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Critters#Kittykit
  2. New points link - Reward Link 1500 pts Link: https://accounts.klei.com/link/KleiFest2022 source: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/140632-its-klei-fest-updates-and-announcements-for-all-things-klei/
  3. Hi, I would like to ask, why do I see 'Unknown status' on the page https://accounts.klei.com/account/ownership Is it a bug? Klei User ID: KU_-i4uL17X
  4. New Reward Link 1000 pts: https://accounts.klei.com/link/socuddly Source: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/322330/view/3114803256562666360 (behind the catcoon picture)
  5. Hi, I have found a bug which pushes me off land in the caves. There is a similar bug already mentioned on the wiki https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Mighty_Gym#Bugs "When placing the Mighty Gym near a body of water, dismounting will sometimes cause Wolfgang to jump in" (That is quite unpleasant, but I can get used to it.) However, if I enter the caves and build the Mighty Gym near the edge of a cave room, after which I enter the Gym and manage to reach 100 % strength, then Wolfgang automatically steps off the Gym and is very likely to step into the abyss. Then I can freely walk through the black area and later return to the land using the same Gym again. Imagine two cave rooms near each other, for example in a maze. I am now able to build two Mighty Gyms on the edges of those rooms and use it as an off-land shortcut. But what is even worse, sometimes I don't want to cheat like this and just want to gain strength quickly, and then this bug is really annoying.
  6. I recommend the DST Skins Checklist by Instant-Noodles: https://dst-skins-checklist.github.io/
  7. Hi, thank you for updating the Tradable Duplicate Skins Matcher . Unfortunately, something is wrong now, some of the skins are listed as tradable when they are not. For example the foolish flute shouldn't be there. And one other thing - I have over 2000 skins. I know you already fixed that problem for the Checklist. I suggest you add an "Add more" button under each textarea which would display an additional area for the second part. But no need to hurry with this. Just for the tool to be perfect
  8. Hi, I want to ask about a small issue in the 'Tradable Duplicate Skins Matcher'. If I have got a specific item in my inventory and then I buy the same again. Then it is listed twice in the matcher. If i look into my inventory, there is a difference, the old one is tradable, the new one will be tradable after 2 days. I think they should be displayed only once. Anyway, both the checklist and the matcher are great tools and I like to use them.
  9. Another source: https://www.facebook.com/kleientertainment/posts/3626758137362665
  10. Hi, I have a suggestion for a new filter. I would like to find items, which are unowned + are not marketable + cannot be purchased in the in-game shop + are weaveable The new option could be called Marketable = Non-purchasable (Weaveable)