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  1. After posting this i tried to stop the aporkalypse again and it worked; the pressure plates still triggered the doors, but they stopped the aporkalypse. But still, needs a fix if this much people are having trouble with it.
  2. I've messed with the calendar before day 61, then around day 50 the aporkalypse started. I went to the calendar hoping to stop it, stepped at the pressure plate and... nothing. The pressure plates keep opening and closing the door, but they don't change the clock at all.
  3. So... the walking cane isn't in the dress tab, or in any tab at all; got all the materials, the tusk, gold and twigs but nothing. Is this intended? If so, why put a Walrus Tusk at the shop for 50 oincs...?
  4. I just got to the royal pigs island, and to get there i stepped on a pressure plate and left the ruins, closing the door behind me. At the pig village, the giant bird teleported me to his nest, where i left and got to my normal island. Trying to get to the royal island is not possible, because the door was closed due to the pressure plate. What should i do? Does that mean i permanently lost all gameplay related to the royal pigs?
  5. I tried playing my hamlet savefile yesterday and it starting showing this error out of nowhere. I had already played it earlier that day, don't have any mods installed and already cheked the integrity of the game files and even reistalled DS. Nothing worked so far. log.txt