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  1. I posted a bug about this a few months ago but it didn't gain any traction: I tried playing the game again on the newest qol mk3 branch and the issue is still present. I did further testing and found the following: 1. Issue is not present on the same machine on windows. 2. The below player log is when the TITAN V is plugged in, but the exactly same issue happens with a 2080ti, so it looks like some kind of bug with Volta and above. 3. The issue does not manifest itself when a GTX 970 is plugged into exactly the same machine (so it isn't a problem with the install of linux or the rest of the system). Also other players are experiencing this issue (noticed this post on reddit last week): As shown in the attached image, the problem seems to be worse in mk3 than it was in mk2. Please let me know if I can provide any information to help debug this issue.
  2. This is a new install of Arch Linux. The game worked fine for me on my old install of linux on the same machine. All the water in my game (also carries over to new games) is corrupted. A screenshot is attached (the corruption also flickers constantly). This is on a Nvidia GPU. lshw