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  1. Ok last one. Wanted to do this one for a while, but been to lazy. Better late then never I guess.
  2. Me and the bois getting 10 plus signs or whatever those are
  3. Right above the lamp is where its 'interactionbox' ends. Character will examine the building behind this building. This will not be an issue if there is no building behind said building, in which you can enter by clicking the tip of the tower. Only on angles like these. Probably not only for Tinkerers Tower, but that is the building I noticed this on. Also kind of gameplay thing. I tried entering the tower before nightfall, but Willow kept examining the watch tower and I didn't notice untill it was too late.
  4. Am I legitimately dumb and this is a joke I don't get or is this unintentional? No mods btw
  5. I feel your pain... I only have the flingomatic one. The tent and sign looks so good
  6. You can sell Eels to pigking for 5 gold each. Caveponds can be found just outside ruins in a safe location. I don't know if this has been said before, but you can hit Crawling Horrors before they bite, long as you cancel your attack at the right time. I don't think you can do this with Terror Beaks. You can sort of do it in singleplayer DS too, but you need a massive speedboost. Wortox's souls can heal BERNIE. Good for when your farming spiders in a quarry. Wortox can keep him alive for longer. I don't know if this works for Abigail.
  7. It's ok, guys! It's ok!!! Wormwood came to the rescue! Best friends forever! wtf i thought this post would merge im sorry guys
  8. Friendship ain't always magic This forum seems awfully dead. What's going on??
  9. Absolute mental woman decide to 1v1 local dragon with nothing but a stuffed bear The madwoman actually did it! It only took more than 3 full days of straight holding f in godmode to take it down. (im not gonna do this legit)
  10. the shading around his eyes makes him look crosseyed ahahhahaaeoqr0åpf0++g9¨75errr555uu9899u+...,23
  11. OH!!! MY!!! GOD!!! But dang. I never hold Bernie because I try to save durability for BERNIE. Still cute, though!
  12. Wtf I love Wilba now. 3rd Treeguard spawned within half a days time.
  13. You know how to make a girl moan. My boyfriend should take notes.
  14. I tried for once Little bonus while I was waiting for the potatoes to start boiling