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  1. Welp Willow, you had a good run. I fricken' love this template so I'm using it again idc its relevant
  2. I did it. I added Nome my anime oc to the party. Except he isn't 'in' a party. He IS the party. (i think i had a stroke half way through idk wtf i've created oh dear god) Confuse reacts only I don't want to be rewarded for this shi*t
  3. This guy enters your base and slaps your improved farm. wyd?
  4. That looks sick! Probably one of the better portraits by far. Looks like some Over the garden wall+LotR type stuff. I am for sure gonna be using that. Not gonna lie though, the icon kinda looks like a Metroid.
  5. @Swag Master69 @Canis @fimmatek @L.Draw Sorry I forgot y'all You guys are here now!! Ain't nobody getting left behind! EDIT: @Xenologist aswell!
  6. Okay guys. I was gonna give in, but I legit can't find a picture of this thing on Google! I kid you not! So it's just a slug? A slug with legs?? I need details!
  7. Heh. Sounds like a sound you make when sneezing. "O-OSHNU!!" Heh. Heh. But idk who that is so I'm just... not... gonna.
  8. Yours is way better lmao This is the source for anyone wondering:
  9. We did it Sorry if I forgot to include someone... or if I included someone twice. EDIT: Added party hats!
  10. also i just realized ive over 300 posts. i am now officially a senior. respect ur elders, grandkids.
  11. DST ending scene - Final Battle (LEAK!) 2022 (PLS DONT TELL BIGFOOT)
  12. Haven't slept in 3 days so hold these progressive sketches in the mean time. I'll finish it tomorrow. So basically, Magmatic skin is best skin. Don't @ me. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go lay down and die.
  13. Don't lie to me. We've all been in this situation.