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  1. With the new update my old world keeps crashing. It seems to happen when the new day comes around.
  2. The spring chest says “This chest contains 4x Year of the Varg curios” I was wondering if this is an error or if it is intended. I opened the chest and got items that belonged to the year of the varg not year of the pig king. Are we not able to get year of the pig king drops as console players?
  3. It seems like you did it correctly. I start as wickerbottom, premade the structures but didn’t place them and switched to wigfrid. When I switched I lost all my known recipes and had to go to the alchemy to relearn some items. But when I go to learn the prebuilt structures and try to place it down it just refunds my materials and doesn’t place the item.
  4. I am currently on day 1309 and when I rollback the game stays stuck on the loading screen.
  5. I picked some mushroom underground and above ground around day 20 and I’m currently on day 1400 and they haven’t grown back. I am a solo player so others haven’t been picking the mushrooms.
  6. I was originally a wickerbottom and I had some items prototyped when I changed to a wigfrid. I can’t make potters wheel and the cartographers desk. I am able to click the make button when near a alchemy but when I go to place the item it just refunds my supplies.