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  1. Custom presets do not take effect when starting a new game with RoG and/or SW installed. I recently got both RoG and SW after selecting my character i then went to world settings and selected my custom preset. When the game loaded in my custom preset had not taken effect. I started another game and did it manually and loaded again and still the world settings had not changed. I uninstalled both DLC and tried it with just the vanilla game and custom presets worked again.
  2. Same here. I noticed this earlier today it does it with RoG too. I put a bug report in, but am new to the site, and fear i put it in the wrong place, I will put in another one in here. Have a good day..or night.
  3. I recently got the RoG and SW DLC and since i have installed them i can no longer make custom presets to my world. After pressing the Apply button and the entering the game all default settings were in place instead of the custom world settings i had entered e.g long days were normal. When I unistalled RoG and SW it worked again. I use no mods. Thankyou.