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  1. This was my piece for the ds-secret-santa! I got paired with vicidius who wanted a triumphant!Wilson, and I added in a suitably festive boss to match the season! Happy Winter’s Feast!
  2. A cleaned up triumphant!Wilson I originally did for momosweetpeach!
  3. Wilson following a gestalt I did for my friend atlasio on Twitter!
  4. Day 8 of Inktober "Frail" was perfect for Maxwell
  5. Thank you very much! A lot of planning went into it! 135 in total! My hand is like super dead, aha - but I'm really happy with how it turned out in the end! sdkfhsdkh thank you! A lot of love went into making it and I hope that shows!
  6. ANIMATIC IS NOW DONE!!! I have no idea how to embed files, so just going to link it to my YouTube. And below is gonna be a spam of some of my favorite panels! This was a really fun project!
  7. Thank you very much! But alas, I've finished it all last night - but thanks for the offer! ❤ (Your art is super cool, though! I think that would have been a fun collab opportunity!)
  8. I am in the same city as Klei, no less! It's so weird to think about! I hope I might get to go to a con or something they are at while I'm here!
  9. I am content with the way I am currently drawing him, thanks!
  10. Animatic progress update! (I moved to Canada since my last update so had to take time off working, but back to it now!)
  11. Cool song, but I'm definitely already using something!
  12. Two minutes and 48 seconds! It's set to a song!
  13. I'm doing a Don't Starve themed animatic! Here's a couple of the second-pass sketches from it!
  14. Thank you! Also, oh man, the Roseate skin would have been ideal. Now I'll just have to draw more, oh darn, twist my arm, shucks
  15. Thank you so much for saying so!! I'm very glad you like it! I'm slowly figuring out how I like to draw Wilson aha
  16. Sweeney Todd is on Netflix which means lots of handy Wilson refs
  17. Snowfalling! Also I’m gonna own up to not looking up the full skin first and not just the character portrait, and thus I completely forgot the shoes. But I had fun trying to figure out drawing feet so it’s fine
  18. Trying to outlast a demon who doesn't need sleep is a Bad Idea
  19. Portal pals! I put it to a poll on twitter and more GF/DS stuff won so here we go
  20. More DST adventures with my buddy impishnature! Fun fact! I didn’t know you could shave beefalo, and I found out at the most opportune time right as I was inspecting the razor, and then looked over to see all those poor miserable bald animals and a very pleased webber surrounded by wool
  21. Sweet William (and a belated Valentine's Day thing)
  22. William Carter Puzzle #1 (edited version)