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  1. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Thank you! Also, oh man, the Roseate skin would have been ideal. Now I'll just have to draw more, oh darn, twist my arm, shucks
  2. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Thank you so much for saying so!! I'm very glad you like it! I'm slowly figuring out how I like to draw Wilson aha
  3. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Sweeney Todd is on Netflix which means lots of handy Wilson refs
  4. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Klei team! And please, please take all the time you need, as the health of your group should always come first - it's heartening to see your deadlines relax a bit, though even the current projected timeline is still an impressive goalpost! I really look forward to what's to come, and thank you for taking the time to make sure the quality of the game and the well-being of your work force come first!
  5. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Snowfalling! Also I’m gonna own up to not looking up the full skin first and not just the character portrait, and thus I completely forgot the shoes. But I had fun trying to figure out drawing feet so it’s fine
  6. Fanart by SightKeeper

    I live for their petty drama
  7. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Trying to outlast a demon who doesn't need sleep is a Bad Idea
  8. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Portal pals! I put it to a poll on twitter and more GF/DS stuff won so here we go
  9. Fanart by SightKeeper

    More DST adventures with my buddy impishnature! Fun fact! I didn’t know you could shave beefalo, and I found out at the most opportune time right as I was inspecting the razor, and then looked over to see all those poor miserable bald animals and a very pleased webber surrounded by wool
  10. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Sweet William (and a belated Valentine's Day thing)
  11. Fanart by SightKeeper

    William Carter Puzzle #1 (edited version)
  12. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Mister Carter (So I have a pet theory that William Carter is a Randolph Carter reference. Randolph Carter is one of HP Lovecraft's protagonists, and like many of Lovecraft's protags, he's basically a self-insert of a man with a weak constitution and poor luck. Which makes sense for William, and Klei has tons of Lovecraft references in DS. Anywho! This photo is an amalgamation of a photo of HP Lovecraft and William's inspection card photo)
  13. Fanart by SightKeeper

    He insulted puns. And thank you!
  14. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Don't push it, Maxwell.
  15. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Mighty doodles!