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  1. They obviously don't want us to have nice easy things.
  2. Also planted wheezeworts currently (as of previous update?) cool about the same as the nerfed wild wheezeworts, like 3kDTU/s in hydrogen.
  3. To those complaining about their save being dead and wanting to continue... mealwood is still a thing that only takes 3 cycles to grow.
  4. I've encountered this bug as well, except for me it happened (twice) when picking up dropped food to move to storage. Dupe will pick up 28 mcg, take it to the fridge, and repeat endlessly. I am unable to reproduce on purpose, do not know the cause. This does not require a save load to resolve. If I give the stuck dupe a manual move order, another dupe will come by and pick up the entire 1000g stack and move it properly.