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  1. I meant that ordinary pipes made of thermo insulating material and thermally insulated pipes made of thermo insulating material have thermal insulation equal to zero
  2. Liquid pipes constructed of thermal insulation heat / cool the liquid inside, it always breaks the pipes. The thermal conductivity of the pipes should influence the liquid inside as well as outside. Often break when pumping liquid hydrogen ++ We can build ordinary pipes and thermally insulated pipes, all pipes have thermal insulation equal to zero, there is no difference in them
  3. Yes, I updated to the QoL beta. I hope that this is because of the new debugging tools added.
  4. After updating, FPS decreased from 25-30 to 1-8
  5. After the upfate missing part of the recipes for cooking on the grill
  6. I suggest that replicants in jetpacks by default would use the floor and stairs, but fly to the knapsacks in impassable places. This will greatly simplify the calculation of the path and make jet packs more convenient.