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  1. when Warly is equipped with The Candy Man head item his beard pops off when looking down, as shown in the attached images
  2. the only one I could get to result in Seafood Gumbo was 2 fish morsels + 2 eels, it seems to be that the large fish meat has been changed to have 1 meat value as opposed to shipwrecked's 0.5 meat value for it which makes this specific recipe difficult to make
  3. can anyone figure out how to make Seafood Gumbo? it seems that no matter what I do I can't get foods that total a 2.5 fish value to turn into anything but Surf N Turf
  4. Certain pieces of the new Hallowed Nights skins don't appear for their intended survivor when activating the survivor filter. These include Warly's Sweet Spats, Winona's Stitched Coat and Bolted Boots, and Wigfrid's Straw-Stuffed Shoes.
  5. his beard pops off his face when equipping something most new crops are invisible when grown in farms (also note that the pepper appears unusually large) the overworld sprites for the new crops have unusual sizing/low resolution